We design integrative wellness programs for destinations worldwide. Destinations can choose between pre-designed retreat packages or fully customized retreats that are specifically tailored to their audience, brand, location and seasonal requirements.


Your wellness is our business.

We are the most innovative, inspiring, enthusiastic team of wellness experts that:

  • create wellness experiences for individuals
  • implement strategies for businesses that enhance their competitive edge by transforming their corporate culture into a vibrant, fresh, balanced, and dynamic workplace
  • support wellness travel, which is purpose driven travel that encompasses discovery, connectivity, transformation and fulfillment, by promoting positive engagement between people, cultures & nature.


Wellness workshops, journeys and retreats are a great opportunity for wellness professionals and creative entrepreneurs to connect with a wider audience.
We design integrative wellness programs for destinations worldwide. Destinations can choose between pre-designed retreat packages or fully customized retreats that are specifically tailored to their audience, brand, location and seasonal requirements.


Do you want to be a modern, cutting edge hotel known for catering to the business traveler? If so, health and wellness is critical to the achievement of your brand goal as well as to staying ahead of your competition.

A co-branded partnership with SomaPnevma will make wellness a defining component of your properties. With in-room, on-demand, customized content, wellness retreats, and special health events, we ensure that your guests have a premium experience each and every time they visit. From on-demand fitness, cooking, and yoga classes, to healthy mini bars and menus, we tailor our services to your hotels and your guests’ specific needs.

-Customized wellness programs, retreats, and events tailored for groups and corporate clients
-Recruiting, training, and booking of local yoga instructors, personal fitness trainers, and massage therapists for on property group classes and in-room private sessions
-Collaboration with food manager and chefs to prepare SomaPnevma healthy recipes and menus



Custom retreats are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs, clientele and unique positioning. Custom retreat design includes the following:

  • detailed descriptions of recommended wellness programs, workshop and retreat dates, daily agendas
  • a shortlist of recommended retreat facilitators
  • facilitator contracts, liability waivers and administrative templates
  • detailed implementation & operations plans
  • detailed financial forecasts, retreat pricing sheets and pro forma P&L’s
  • a customized marketing, PR & advertising package
  • written marketing materials for press releases, web, email blasts, and social media

Custom design services work especially well for destinations looking for retreats and packages that are tailored to their specific audience, location and cultural environment.

Take customization one step further with bespoke wellness retreats, our on-demand retreats with a highest level of individualization, personal attention and exclusivity.


Having an attractive integrative wellness program in place is a great first step. Now you need to make sure that people will come. Self marketing isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. In fact, we know very few people or businesses who like to do this. This is where we can help.

We have partnered with leading lifestyle and spa magazines, PR agencies, digital advertising specialists and online media platforms to design effective media outreach and branding initiatives that connect your destination with thousands of health conscious consumers and wellness travel enthusiasts worldwide.

In addition to that we will provide you with cornerstone content for your own website, email blasts and other digital marketing outlets, with creative visuals for social media platforms, with tweets, posts, pin-worthy links and other relevant content that puts your new wellness programs right in front of your ideal customers.

Destinations and wellness professionals can choose from a selection of easy to implement marketing & advertising packages or opt for custom designed marketing initiatives that take full advantage of our marketing expertise and joint outreach capacity of our media partners.



Mindfulness, resilience, emotional intelligence, creativity and leadership embodiment are new elements that find their way into corporate training and wellness programs.

We are working with experienced corporate trainers who integrate principles of neuroscience, mindbody disciplines, and behavioral science in engaging, interactive programs that support physical, emotional and mental health and equip employees with new skill sets they can take back to their workplace.

Our corporate trainings can be arranged as in-house lectures or as corporate wellness retreats that take employees away from their office to a distraction free location where they can stay focused on personal and professional development and return refreshed, inspired and full of energy.


Our team can help you in developing an effective brand for your wellness program, service or product that will convey the desired image and message to potential clients.

Branding health and wellness programs is essential but equally as challenging. Our team combines expertise from a range of areas within health & wellness, advertising and marketing, digital marketing, graphic design,

We partner with health professionals, wellness practitioners and health lifestyle advocates with brands, offering marketers and their agencies the ability to reach health-minded, wellness-aware consumers with product-related content, brand messaging and authentic recommendations at scale.