Reviews of SomaPnevma Retreats

Camilla Akerberg

Fitness Trainer, Australia

The whole experience really exceeded my expectations! Everything was really planned out amazingly! Yoga, Fitness, great Greek Food, lounging by the pool, exploring, making friends for life, and so much more.. what an awesome experience! I truly recommend this retreat for anyone looking for a fitness/lifestyle retreat.

Pascal ( @FitmitPascal)

Blogger, Germany

This retreat helps you get out of your comfort zone. All the days were really, really nice and relaxing. The sun and the sea are simply balm for the soul and super to ``recharge batteries``. The whole experience with all these international people was great. In the evening we used the time wisely and explored the surrounding area: Sunset drinks at Nikki Beach Resort, outdoor cinema in the Villa, boat tour and one of my highlights: the trip to the island Spetses!

Suzanne Broderick

Yoga Instructor, Portugal

It was a pleasure to be a guest yoga teacher at this retreat. I will always remember the stillness of the mornings, the changing blues of the sea, the burn of the Greek sun in my shoulders and the unique sights and tastes.

Melina Mandarini

Travel Blogger, Germany

We enjoyed our time so much here under the Greek sun! The daily exercise & yoga did us so well and we are happy to have explored so many beautiful places! Our personal highlight was the visit to the island of Spetses!

Angie (@AngeliqueLini)

Blogger, Germany

This experience helped me go over my own limitations, plus you can learn more about yourself in one week. Above all, the yoga has helped me tremendously. The short and intense 45 minutes workouts twice a day, in my opinion, were perfect. One of the things I will never forget is the awesome bike ride! It was a wonderful week!

Lottie ( @VeryBerryLottie)

Blogger, Germany

SomaPnevma Retreats was life-changing! I started to love yoga! At this retreat workouts were crazy, by the poolside we were lazy. On the island we had ice-cream and went to places like from a dream. The villa was amazing too, SomaPnevma Retreats Team, thank you!

Lili ( @PeanutButterBoots)

Blogger, Finland

The retreat has been great, the villa is so cute and the food great! The workout & yoga sessions were amazing, intense and fulfilling. This week has been so much fun, we've had time to relax at the pool, tan and chill at 7 star resorts. I will miss this!