Gizem was the Yoga Instructor at SomaPnevma Fitness Retreats in Greece from August 28th 2016 to September 3rd 2016

gizem ozdem yoga retreat


Yoga & Pilates Instructor ( Izmir, Turkey)

Gizem Ozdem has an endless curiosity of people and the body. Her passion for movement continued through years as a swimmer and led her to a career in fitness.
After graduating from the Bogazici University, ELL Department, she worked as an English teacher but fitness was always in her life. During that time she began taking Pilates lessons for her personal care.
Encouraged by her progress, Gizem wanted to share Pilates with others. She earned her teaching certification.

Pilates was the jump-start to Gizem’s career in the fitness industry. With the desire to add on to her skills, she got TRX Suspension training with a Trigger Point Performance Theraphy. She then completed a 280 hour yoga certification with Yogakioo by Cetin Cetintas attending a lot of workshops along with it with famous yogis such as Meghan Currie, Nicole Ohme, Zeyneb Uras, Desiree Rumbaugh, Andrew Rivin .

Gizem’s  knowledge coupled with her patience and dedication makes her a highly sought after instructor. Whether she is teaching a class or a private, Gizem is known for balancing her cheerful encouragement with butt-kicking workouts. She combines Pilates and Yoga in her classes and gives much importance to stretches.
She has appeared in Women’s Health Turkey Magazine last month with her whole body workout programme.

Gizem trained from August 28th-Sept. 3rd 2016 at the PortoHeli Fitness Retreat in Greece.
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